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So... the Oregon Library Association started yesterday/today. Yesterday was pre-conference, and I was working registration. There was a pre-conference class on legal reference for public librarians. A smart job prospector would think, hmm, I could probably show up and announce my status as a LAW LIBRARIAN IN NEED OF A JOB and I bet at least a couple people in attendance would be in need of another reference librarian and would love to have a subject specialist...
From how I phrase this, you already know I looked and saw "legal reference basics" and made no connection between their needs and my abilities. Because I'm just that awesome.

Meanwhile, my brother tells me that he and the missus are leaving on a trip, and I'm welcome to use their place if I want. It is about 5 minutes closer, so not an issue, but then again, they have a shower, and I only have a tub. So I decide that I'll just stop over each morning and grab a shower, do my makeup, and bug out. This morning, I pack up my stuff and head over.

Wait, hold on - I'm skipping some parts of the story.

First I get in the car, then realize I don't have the key to Bro&SIL's place. I go back inside.

The key is in the car. I get back in and start the car.

Then I remember that I'm going to a conference in a hotel and hotel ballrooms are notorious for being either ovens or iceboxes, and I need a better scarf to layer.

I go in, then back out.

Where's my phone?

I put on my bluetooth, which tells me it's ready to pair, which means it can't find the phone.

I go back inside, but I can't find the phone.

I go back outside and search through my purse and find it beneath my laptop, which was blocking the signal.

I finally head over to Bro&SIL's.

There's a car in the driveway and the lights are on, but maybe they just like to leave lights on while they're out of town.

SIL is in her bathrobe and asking wtf. I had the dates wrong, and they're leaving today.

It's official: I can't even.
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