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My hair was cut and then bleached, and then covered with some Manic Panic in two colors. I then walked home - I'm only a block from the salon - because I'm letting the colors really dig in. I'll wash it out in the morning.

Of course, this meant walking home looking like a dork. I am reminded of a few years ago, when I had a nosebleed that wouldn't stop, and I had to go to the urgent care. After it didn't stop with a cotton ball of antihistamine, they put a nasal tampon in my nose. News alert: there are such things as nasal tampons. Wanna know what they look like? Very short tampons. And unlike their big sisters, they don't go so far into the cavity that you can't see them, so it's very obvious that you have a white thing shoved up your nose, and the string attached pretty much spells it out what you're wearing.

"Would you like a mask?" they asked. I said no, I was just going to go home. I then walked back out into the waiting room and realized that yeah, that mask might have been a good idea.

Back to today.

After looking online at one of the colors, I'm experiencing some worry that maybe I should have gone with that as the base with the other as slices.

In other first world problems, I need to get some more packing done tonight.
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