May. 17th, 2017

So I got an email from a public library system in the greater metropolitan Portland area asking me to come for a meet-and-greet/kinda-sorta interview next week. The position is on-call, but if you want in, this is a way to go. If I pass the meet-and-greet (which is how they term it) and they have me actually come work, then they get to see me in action without committing, because, you know, on-call. If I impress I imagine I get shuffled into the mix more, and if I impress more then they put me in for full-time once that comes open.

Or so I imagine. I'm crossing my fingers.

I am angsting over an application for a job that I really really want. I have applied to the institution twice before, and I have interviewed twice before. At that time I was in California, so just to be interviewed was an honor, as the Oscar nominees might say. Still I wonder if my file is stamped LOSER because I've interviewed twice without advancing. But now I am in town, and if they liked me at a distance I have to hope they like me up close.

The application is almost done. I'm stuck on the final question and have been for two weeks. I've sent it out for inspection and have the edits, so I'm just waiting... I guess for final approval? Which I believe I have, and I need to send it in. Fear holds me back. All right, all right, I'll send it in.

I have a storytelling gig!

That overstates it (and the entire world wonders how you overstate a storytelling gig - is that like a supermodel pigging out on two crackers? Seriously, who cares about storytelling?) - apparently my awesome story last week impressed the panel of judges and I am now part of a showcase that will determine which, if any, new tellers are added to the guild. I'm not worried that I won't be good enough - frankly, if I'm the middle of the pack for the showcase then holy shit! That's some deep bench!

Okay, I want to have 93K and change before I finish my tea, so it's back to the Google doc for me.



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