May. 13th, 2017

Well, at least that's what the GYWO monthly check-in lists me as having. This is already wrong, wrong, wrong, for I now have 86,664 words. And that's already out of date because I don't have today's added. Because I haven't written enough today, so there's that...

So last night I went to the Portland Storytellers Guild monthly potluck and story swap. A swap is an informal storytelling session, often just other tellers in the audience. I only knew one fellow in attendance, and he kindly introduced me around. I put my name up on the board and was told I had about 7 minutes, and if I wanted critique they'd be happy to give it.

Sure, I said. Feedback's always good.

They had a microphone. With a room that size I don't really need one - I've been bellowing since the cradle - but having one meant I could pull my voice way down and still have everyone hear me, and ... here's a pro-tip for getting attention: go quiet. Make them lean forward a little, as if they might miss it if they sit back.

And then I quietly told a little Buddhist story that is almost a shaggy dog because of a surprise ending that's pretty much a punchline. Which, when you're telling a quiet story, gets a great response - they totally don't expect it.

So, pretty much love all around with the story - the critique was positive, people were happy, and maybe I'll be able to do some work with them next season.

Job front... no change yet. I am doing the applications for things I'm over-qualified for, under-qualified for, sorta-kinda-qualified for. I am still staring at an application from last week, in which I need to say, in 300 words, what I think the job is and three things about me that make me the one they should pick.

Drabbles, one fannish friend said, and I am trying to consider my response in that way - 75 words on the job, and 75 words on each of three of my awesome attributes. Communications, I like to think - I'm good at helping people, either one on one or as training, and I'm great at a reference interview, and a darn good coworker. (This category also gets a little storytelling love)

I am still pondering my other two attributes. Hair, maybe. Okay, fine, no - but I try thinking and I try not thinking and I don't know what to put yet.



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