Feb. 13th, 2017

I have emptied every box that is in the garage. Most were books (Weird, right? So shocking), and those books are either repacked again or they've been given away to Goodwill and Out of the Closet, which I have to assume has a more relaxed attitude towards porn than Goodwill is going to be.

There are large items I can't fit into the car when it comes to hauling off to Goodwill, but apparently our alley is visited by fairies, and after leaving out a bookshelf and a television table only to find them gone in the morning, I have left out a desk and a TV tonight. If the fairies don't visit (or only like flatscreens), I'll deal with those items in the future.

My apartment is above the garage, and in both the pun sense and the cleaned out sense, is another story. Tomorrow I'll shove a fuck-ton of laundry into the car and do the cleaning (broom/mop/duster) that is massively overdue, and at some point I'll get the car cleaned. At this point I've got 40 hours until a friend comes to visit - hopefully the place will be decent enough that she can go through the acres of yarn and find things she'd like to take, and we can take a few days to just play.



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