Feb. 2nd, 2017

I am back at home and starting the process of clearing out the stuff that isn't going to Oregon with me. For those going to Escapade, I'll most likely be bringing a big stack of books and DVDs for the swap table. Anything not taken will be sent to a farm upstate Out of the Closet.

I took a lot of clothes to Goodwill yesterday, and when I came home I realize that was, as far as the iceberg goes, a few cubes chipped from the top. Note to self: never live anywhere for fourteen years unless you plan to die there and let other people deal with it. My brother has offered to fly down and drive up a u-haul with me, whereas I'd been thinking about hiring movers. Then again, I am tossing the mattress and most likely giving the frame to someone on Freecycle (I'm assuming someone will want a frame for a full bed...), and the furniture I plan to take with include a couch, a podium, two bookshelves and possibly an entertainment center and a very old chest, a cassone, as it's known. It's an heirloom and made of the heaviest wood that they could shove into a black hole and make denser.

I live on the second story.

The cassone is my main concern and reason to desire a moving company to deal with it. My brother says to just get some strong friends. My brother, by the way, is a retired fire-fighter. He is confused that I do not have a super number of buff friends like he does. Le sigh.

Oh, and?

Since I'm now back from my trip, it's sinking in that I don't have a job. It is sinking, not unlike bad food in one's stomach, and I have to remind myself that I'm giving myself until, you know, JUNE before I freak out, so this is a little unseemly. I then have to remind myself that there is no way I'm not going to panic at the first chance I get.

But here we are, and along with the financial fears are the "Am I going to be able to find a job or should I have stuck with the soul-sucker?" worries that are drinking buddies of the financial fears. They're the "maybe you are a dinosaur and you cannot adapt" worries, and I think the solution is to reach out to the library placement folks I know and talk with them. So I guess I'll do that after posting this. Thanks, Dreamwidth - I appreciate the pep talk.



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