Jan. 26th, 2017

Friday was my last day at the soul-sucking job. I maybe shouldn't put it that way, because maybe it'll be perfect for the next person. But I doubt it.

So, Friday was the last day, and the deadline for a board report that I turned in Saturday night.

This means of course that I received more reports on Sunday.

But the important take-away from this post is:

I am on my way to Tennessee for a board meeting. As a person who just missed the cut for the Rio Olympics in the sport of over-packing, I am making the scary choice to fly only with carry-ons for my 4-day trip. Your prayers are appreciated. They are offering to stow it for free. My resistance is weakening.

ETA: I'm checking my backpack. I am weak, people.

It is only as I stood outside my aunt's place (she's LAX-convenient) waiting for a cab that I realize I have not packed three items that would make this trip easier:

1. Pain relievers
2. The Salonpas pad that would be awesome on my back for the two long flights.
3. The Escapade badgeholder that is my constant companion on trips, because it can hold my ID and ticket along with cash and a credit card, thus relieving the need to get into the purse.

I have sock yarn but no #5 needles, so whipping out a hat is a problem.

Meanwhile... I go out to the hotel shuttle pick-up spot at the Knoxville Airport and call the hotel as directed. I'm told it'll be about 10 minutes.

30 minutes later when I call, I'm told that he must have missed me because he's already been there and back.

No, no he hasn't, I say, because seriously, no, and it's cold.

She's very sorry and says she's sending him back out and it'll be 5-10 minutes. And he appears and tells me he's sorry, he missed the text.

Which happens and I'm not mad because that happens. I'm just cold and I've been on the move since 4AM my time so my first-world ass would like a shower and a beer, and I'm not particular about the order.

I am not thrilled at the music selection in the shuttle, which picks up for a variety of airport hotels and is playing Christian rock, but HELLO I AM IN TENNESSEE AND I KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.

(mostly that I am surrounded by the dominant religion which has a certain cross-section of butthurt when you suggest that maybe they'd be upset if you wanted to play Tibetan bells so maybe they could switch to something that at least leads to arguments of taste and not faith oh no, I understand, you are persecuted sorry to bring it up)

But the lady at the counter, who is friendly and I am most likely just being a pest... Repeats that the shuttle guy had picked up people at the airport. That's not what the dude said to me, AND also, NO, not since I first called. That might be a good theory but the minute the facts collide with the theory, the theory needs to be set aside.

I asked if there was another shuttle area and she didn't say there was, she just said that maybe it was crowded and the shuttle driver and I didn't see each other, and now I know that I need to shut up but goddamn it there was no one there. It was an empty lot. And I say that.

The conversation is over but I'm...


I'm right but I'm not happy and I forget about that, the idea that there are certainly things where you need to be right at the expense of happiness (these are the hills we die on) and there are times where you let it go even when you're right because it's just not worth it (these are not the hills we die on), and it 's safe to say that right now there are plenty of worthy hills.

But... and I don't let it go... someone else is going to have my same complaint. And maybe after a third they realize there's a problem because that bitch complained because she was cold.


I am not mad, but when I get to the hotel and the lady at the counter



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