Jan. 15th, 2017

I am not accepting the offer to stay with my job. Right now I'm leaving in joy. If Istay, I'll just end up leaving in anger. These people are rat bastards but they're human and some are good, so I'll leave in joy, with glee and be thankful that I'm gone and stop wondering why my conversations about work sound eerily similar to past conversations about ex-girlfriends.

So since I have Monday off, I have had my last Monday at this job. I will now commence with the last other days, and will have a few lunches with people and apparently there's a reception planned that a partner spilled the beans on.

And you know I'm kicking myself that last week wasn't my last week: in my new secretary gig (unpaid, remember - completely volunteer) I need to assemble the reports people are sending me in prep for a meeting in two weeks. My deadline to send it out to people is the 20th, which coincidentally, is my last day of work. There's still stuff I'd like to get done because as much as I'd love to leave a ton of shit for other people to have to deal with (I'm not the only one who saw Snowball Express as a kid, am I? Of, fine, so I'm the only one willing to admit it.), I also don't want to be a d-bag.



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